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Website Design Project: eAssign December 8, 2009

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This is my eAssign website.  The girl on the main pages name is Mable and she found Harry through this website.  There are links that lead to a tour of the website as well as success stories about the website.  There are also photos of people who have found other singles through eAssign.


Video Editing: What Ike Johnstone Gives back to Philadelphia

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This video shows how Ike Johnstone gives back to the Philadelphia community through his riding school and how his goal is to keep the children out of the neighborhoods. Enjoy!


Website Analysis:

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Website Analysis:

Bethany Hamilton was born into a family of surfers on the island Kauai, Hawaii on February 8, 1990.  Bethany’s story began October 31, 2003 when she was surfing with her best friend Alana, her best friend’s dad Holt, and her brother Byron.   Bethany’s lifelong goal of becoming a professional surfer was interrupted that day when a 14-foot tiger shark tore off her arm.  Bethany lost sixty percent of her blood and underwent several intense surgeries.  When many thought all hope was lost for her, Bethany stayed strong, kept positive about her career, and proved the world wrong.  If you don’t know a lot about her or what she has achieved this website explains her story and it let’s you know what she’s accomplished.  Her website also offers information about what she is currently doing with her surfing career.

When the first thing that appears is a photo of a Hawaiian beach.  The design or tone is very simple and you can tell a lot about her website from the photograph.  After the photo flashes for a few seconds a picture of her and some of her links come onto the screen from different angles.  The colors are very vibrant and very eye-catching.  The media on the page is all-relevant to the site and it all ties together.  The language used in the biography is easy to read but the text is a little small and hard to see.

Bethany’s website works because it catches the eye.  The home page is also very organized.  Right away there is a pop-up window that allows you to sign up to be on her mailing list.  There is also photo of Bethany with her surfboard and different links to click on that lead to all of her current events, current news, photos, insider information, a daily devotional, where she is now, photos, and a link promoting her new movie.

The thing I didn’t think worked about the homepage is that you can’t turn the background music off.  It is very distracting while trying to look at the information the website has to offer.  The tool bar is also in an inconvenient spot that is hard to locate.  It is located at the bottom of the site and I think that if it were at the top it’d be a lot more convenient to the people viewing the page.  Also like I said before the text in the articles are hard to read because the text is so small.

This website really “sells” Bethany Hamilton because it represents who she is.  Her page has a lot of her personal blogs, message boards, and even a daily devotional.  She puts a lot about herself into her website explaining to her fans that she really is just a normal girl who has a close relationship with the lord and she just happens to be good at surfing.  I think that it is herself that sells to the fans because she is so genuine. The cool website just adds to it!

Bethany’s website is trying to let people know that if Bethany can overcome such a tragedy that almost anything is possible.  It also informs you of her recent and past surfing successes.  There are many passed and up to date links to photographs and videos of her surfing.  She also keeps her sponsors in mind by posting a banner flashing of all their logos on the homepage and even puts links leading to each separate sponsors website.  With out her sponsors she would not be where she is today.


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My stills editing video “Jazzy Black Dude” November 6, 2009

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This video was for a project for Intro to Media tech.  We had to use eight or more photos and put them to music while telling a story.  I used a song from my friend’s band called Long Miles.  The song I used is called “Jazzy Black Dude”.  Enjoy!


Hello world! September 8, 2009

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!